Martin Rohr dressed in Boston Bruins jersey.
Martin Rohr. A 29 years old photographer based in Prague, Czech Republic.
What I do.
I shoot products, people, and buildings for a living. Also, I'm the co-founder and lead photographer at XO creative.
My story.
I have been experimenting with photo manipulation and photography from around the age of eleven, when I got my first camera – the “magnificent” Umax AstraPix 320S. All those experiments with the postproduction in Photoshop led to my interest in graphics in general, which then resulted in Graphic design studies and a fairly promising career. For many years, I was photographing only now and then, but I always missed it. In the fall of 2015 I started shooting again, and this time I wasn't just fooling around. After almost ten years in the Graphic design industry, I now fully pursuit professional Photography career with the main focus on product photography.
Get in touch.
Getting social.
The bonus.
Since you made it all the way down here, you could be interested in my all–time–favorite shots that don’t fit my portfolio. If interested, click right here.
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